The courage to attract the relationship
you want starts with you.

The relationships you attract reflect who you are.   

If you are not sure who you are or what you are looking for, then how are you showing up in your private and professional life?

Maybe you have been influenced by past negative experiences which affect your perspective and decision making.   

But not knowing who you are, your worth, and what you are after 

makes it difficult to live a happy version of your life. 


Who is this for?

Are you:

Wanting to improve relationship with yourself?

Dealing with past negative experiences?

Wanting to learn not to make the same mistakes again?

Career focused yet long for that elusive and intimate relationship?

Engaging in same repeat patterns, in mindset and dating, going for the same type of person?


“Shian’s coaching and mentoring sessions broke away a lot of my own afflicted self ego issues which was hijacking my mental well-being. 

He could  easily see which of my storires I should invest my energy in and which ones I should turn them around.

Each session was mindful and really a challenge for me to give clarity on my own viewpoints.

I would highly recommend his coaching and mentoring sessions to anyone who needs a very different approach to how to deal with life challenges and adopt new mindset.”


“Shian helped me get past my issues with dating.  

He provided me with the insight to not leave my happiness up to someone else.

If I want something, go after it.

I highly recommend working with him.”

Kisha H, Business Consultant

Entreprenuer, Coach, and Public Speaker

I used to be really unhappy because I have neglected the one person that really matters, that is myself.  But I transformed how I connected and communicated with myself.

I focus on 

  • Acceptance and self love
  • Being enough
  • Ability to ask for needs to be met

Through changing my belief system and the way I think, I have managed to gain control of my life.  Now I am helping other people do the same.  

I work with people to make changes within them, to give themselves permission to take actions, embrace strength, weakness, improve relationship and be loveable.

My Coaching Packages

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1 x 60 minutes

Phone or Zoom Session

Pack of 3 Sessions





3 x 60 minutes

Phone or Zoom Session

10 Sessions


$1800 $1620



10 x 60 minutes

Phone or Zoom Session

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