In Episode 4 of the Mind SuperPower podcast, I speak to Dr Caleb Ferguson on his area of specialty, which is stroke and cardiovascular disease.

I met Dr Caleb, when living in Sydney and he was doing his Phd, as well as working as a nurse. Since his Phd, he has achieved significant results in stroke research. I have always been curious and wanted to find out more about his research. This podcast has given me the opportunity to do so.

I am also interested because, when growing up, in family, stroke is like the top 3 diseases after cancer and heart attack to avoid, especially for my parents and elderly relatives. Back then, there was very limited information on stroke prevention available. There was a lot of old wive’s tales on the topic. My parents, aunties and uncles, to this day, have enormous fear of suffering from stroke. I think it is because it can cause immobility, losing movement in parts of the body, thereby being paralysed and becoming a burden or inconvenience to the rest of the family, emotionally, financially and physically.

I hope this podcast is able to provide at least a piece of useful information on stroke and prevention.

Dr Ferguson is the current recipient of a 2019 Heart Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. His program of research focuses on patient centred approaches to the management of atrial fibrillation, stroke prevention & digital health. He has previously held appointments as Chancellors Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Senior Lecturer and Director of Postgraduate Nursing Studies at the University of Technology Sydney, where he continues to hold an honorary appointment.