This is one of the videos that I am creating for The Carers Foundation.  I am inspired by Gloria especially when she relates her changing of mindset from why me to why not me.  When bad things happen to us, including me sometimes,  our tendency is to go to the negative space;  why is this happening to me?  Why is this always happening to me?  Why does it only happen to me?  The problem with starting from a negative space means we are refusing to accept the situation, which in turn makes it difficult for us to move on, find alternatives or solutions.  Like Gloria said in the video,  we wouldn’t be questioning ourselves if we were to win $1 million in lottery.   Bad things happen and they happen to people, full stop.  Nobody purposefully chooses to make our lives difficult.  If we were to start from positive,  we accept the situation and it then help us to move on quicker.  I also believe that it assist us to strength our resilience, and makes us better.   Hope you enjoy the video.